We want to help entrepreneurs based in Japan and French entrepreneurs located abroad, to succeed and have a better understanding of the Japanese startup ecosystem.

The Japanese market is really unique and you will face many challenges which will seem difficult to overcome at first.

However, with a community of seasoned entrepreneurs, we can help you decipher a part of the code and find the right partner.

La French Tech’s Tokyo teams are led by their respective startup communities. They share our national mission and play a vital role in making this happen globally, starting from their own local cities.

La French Tech ?

“La French Tech” is our startup scene in France and Worldwide. It’s also a unique movement bringing together startups, investors, policymakers and community builders. Our mission ? To launch and grow global companies that make sense for our future.

In France

La French Tech’s national team, known as the French Tech Mission, sits administratively inside French government, and physically at the world’s biggest startup campus, Station F. We’re a new breed of civil servants, wielding a mix of policy, funding, marketing and program design.