La French Tech Tokyo is essentially composed of a board member, an operational team and a community of entrepreneurs.

The board member along the operational team has for mission to create a vast network of entrepreneur in Japan to help you find business opportunities.

Our connection with local partners and our increasing media presence make us a great entry point to the Japanese market.

Meet the team

La French Tech’s local teams are led by their respective startup communities. They share our national mission and play a vital role in making this happen globally, starting from their own local cities.

And while anyone in our country’s tech scene can call themselves French Tech, meet the fine folks that helps keep the trains running.


Ugo BataillairdGourmet Pro

I would like to develop the community aspect for its members.
One part could be done by defining more precisely the value for each member except for helping them targeting France as a market which is not relevant for most of them.
Another would be to involve more members to different operations and decision making processes.
Finally I would like to create a legal structure so La French Tech could have its own budget and we can start discussions about new kinds of services we could propose to its members.
Other thing I would like to do is to create more interactions and interdependencies between other La French Tech chapters all over the world.

Sophie MeralliEight Roads Ventures Japan

I would like to make the French entrepreneurship ecosystem in Japan more connected to fundraising opportunities, through organizing :

  1. Networking sessions with entrepreneurs/VCs
  2. Providing entrepreneurs with knowledge on fundraising strategy: when is the right time to fundraise? Which VCs invest in early stage vs later stage? How to engage with VCs? What types of metrics do VCs look at? via webinars, lunch sessions
  3. Mentoring through office hours
  4. Connect French entrepreneurs to successful Japanese entrepreneurs or Japan Country Manager of foreign Startups, through organizing events such as Entrepreneur Panel Discussion: How to successfully launch/expand in Japan (in particular, on the importance of engaging with local distributors/SIer and having a local presence),
  5. Empower women and raise awareness about Women in Ventures through
    • Collaborate with different Women in Tech initiatives (participating/organizing pitch events and office hours for Women Entrepreneurs, such as with StartupLady, Tokyo Women in VC and so on)
    • La French Tech could speak about the example of France and could bring valuable perspective.

Board members




Adrien Pichon

Smart panel

Sébastien Béal


Taisuke Alex Odajima


Stéphane Zadounaïsky

Stéphane Zadounaïsky


Nousha Saint-Martin

F & JP

Hélène Queguiner


Fabien Brogard Cipriani

Fabien Brogard Cipriani